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Structure and Principle of Polypropylene Yarn Spinning Machine

Polypropylene Yarn Spinning Machine spinning box using the new machine and uniformly mixed melt line, using a large spinneret plate surface, a circular or rectangular tops self-sealing assembly using a planetary gear metering pump and provide the bit transmission rod extending QR , uniform and stable side blowing means, the flow of oil spray system, environment protection and energy dielectric heating system, imported intelligent instrument control, installation of the filter may be switched side continued use of renewable raw materials Upjohn filaments, heat roller using advanced technology , the surface temperature difference is small, the low temperature of the inner coil, a hot roll complete specifications, to meet a variety of needs.

The Polypropylene Yarn Spinning Machine has the characteristics of high speed, energy saving, and good tow expansion and deformation. The energy-saving spinning box has less energy consumption, and has a down-loaded component. The heat roller uses electric induction heating, and adopts the heat pipe method or multi-stage temperature control technology. The temperature of the working area on the surface of the heat roller is uniform and reliable, and the fully automatic winding head has a high switching success rate and good forming. In order to increase the output of the machine, high-speed spinning, spinning speed is 3500-4000 m / min, or even as high as 5,000 m / min or more. For large packages, the volume of each package can generally reach 10 to tens of kilograms, continuously. The spinning, stretching and stretching are completed on one spinning machine at the same time, and the spinning, stretching, and deformation processes are all completed on one spinning machine, which has been used in polypropylene production.