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What are the heating methods suitable for PP spinning machine? The heating of polypropylene spinning machine needs to use electromagnetic heater. The main part of the machine is the hot roller, which can heat to a certain temperature and run at high speed.

The size of the hot roll is different, generally with a diameter of Φ160 Φ180 Φ190 Φ210 Φ220. Length of hot roll: 200-450mm, speed range: 750-5500m / min, surface temperature of guide wire disk: ≤ 240 ℃ - 140 ℃, surface treatment of hot roll: hard chromium plating, ceramic plating.

The heating mode of the hot roller is power frequency induction heating. Its disadvantage is that the heating ring is easy to be damaged, and the terrible thing is that it is easy to heat the central shaft of the motor and burn the motor. However, the newly developed full digital heating system is applied to PP spinning machine with high efficiency and energy saving, which effectively solves the shortcomings of traditional heating and greatly reduces the cost. Its main advantages are:

1. Make the surface temperature of the hot roll working area uniform, and meet the requirements of different industrial and civil FDY spinning processes.

2. Make the surface temperature of hot roll work area rise rapidly, save energy obviously, and improve efficiency greatly.

3. After using the electromagnetic heater, the rotating shaft of the hot roll motor will not damage the motor due to induction heating.