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Main technical parameters of Polypropylene Spinning Machine

No. of position: 1, 2, 4

Spinning distance: 1200 ~ 2000mm

No. of ends/pos.: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12

Titer: 180D ~ 2100D

Diameter screw: Φ30mm ~ Φ120mm

Drafting roller size: Φ190 × 330mm or Φ180 × 280mm

Winding speed: 1500 ~ 3000m / min

Suitable winder: A435 or A635 or A835


Main features of Polypropylene Spinning Machine

* Using extended screw extruder, AC frequency conversion speed regulation

* Adopt a new spinning box machine and uniformly mixed melt pipeline

* Using large-plate spinneret, round or rectangular top-mounted self-sealing components

* The planetary gear pump with accurate measurement and the quick-release transmission rod with lifting position

* Adopt uniform and stable side blowing device, large flow spray oiling system

* Adopt environmental protection and energy-saving medium electric heating system, imported intelligent instrument control

* Adopt 3 ~ 5 to draft and heat set the draft roller, a new type of final network device

* Adopt domestic automatic switch winding machine

* Adding continuous switching filter can use renewable raw materials to produce normal tenacity filament

* High-tenacity yarn strength warranty is above 7 g / denier