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Mini FDY Polypropylene Yarn Spinning Drawing Machine


Mini pp fdy machine mainly used for small output and color multifilament making, low power consumption, 2-3 bobbins, reduce the medium color waste.

Machine Description

mini FDY Polypropylene yarn spinning drawing machine

Main features of mini FDY Polypropylene spinning machine

1. Small footprint, only the first floor structure

2. Low investment, low operating cost, convenient operation and reasonable layout

3. Provide a good production and experimental platform for all kinds of colored fibers required by customers

The mini polypropylene spinning machine adopts a screw extruder with suitable polypropylene. It is equipped with a continuous large-area melt filter, a hot-medium-heated spinning box, a round or top-loading rectangular spinning unit, a uniform side blowing and upper oil system, domestic single-zone hot roller and automatic switch winder.

Machine Details

mini FDY Polypropylene yarn spinning drawing machine

Yarn Application

FDY Polypropylene yarn is widely used in the industrial fields of Geo-Textile, Failter cloth, Lifting Belts, Cables, FIBC jumbo bags, wig, braiding/knitting products, construction reinforce fiber, sewing thread, rope, fishing net and narrow fabrivc etc.

mini FDY Polypropylene yarn spinning drawing machine

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