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Color Masterbatch Testing Machine Lab Spinning Equipment


Specilializes producing masterbatch testing machine, inlcuded: color masterbatch testing amchine, FDY lab spinning machine, BCF spinning machine, three color BCF machine, POY spinning lab machine, FDY+BCF spinning yarn color tester, lab FDY+POY+BCF spinning test machine, etc.

Mini Lab Comprehensive Color Testing Spinning Machine

Machine Description

mini FDY/POY integration spinning test machine

Color masterbatch testing machine is used for testing color , then used in the big spinning line to save time and material, very easy operate, and low power consumption, short time to heat, high efficiency. 

1) max 1000-1200m/min. 

2) One bobbin, capacity:4-5kg/h 

3) power: < 10kw 

Technical Parameter

Fiber Denier500-1500D (single yarn)
Winder Speed500-1200m/min
Capacity (900d)4kg/hr4kg/hr4kg/hr4kg/hr4kg/hr
Screw Dia.30mm30mm30mm30mm30mm
Machine Size3*3*4.5m

Machine Details

mini FDY/POY integration spinning test machine


Color Masterbatch Testing Spinning Machine is mainly used for the FDY, POY and BCF multifilament yarn color testing, low waste and consumption.

mini FDY/POY integration spinning test machine

mini FDY/POY integration spinning test machine

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