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High Concentration PE / PP / PA / PET / PS / ABS / PVC/ PC / PU / EVA Color Masterbatch


Product Description

The color masterbatch is made of PE and PP as carriers, inorganic pigments and organic dyes with high-performance additives. The particles are uniform and beautiful in appearance, cylindrical or flat-round in shape, uniform in color, good dispersibility, stability and heat resistance. It is widely used in packaging film, pots, bottles, caps, pipes, containers, toys, household appliances, office supplies, automotive accessories and all kinds of construction. It is suitable for all kinds of blow moulding, extrusion, injection moulding, casting, wire drawing, chemical fibre and other processing fields.

High Concentration PE / PP / PA / PET / PS / ABS / PVC/ PC / PU / EVA Color Masterbatch


High concentration, high brightness, uniform dispersion and strong dyeing power.

Proportion of Application:

The master batch and the raw resin can be mixed evenly at the ratio of 1:25-50 (depending on the specific requirements of the product). (Note: Resin containing moisture is used after drying)

Paper-plastic composite bags, 25KG/bag net content, please store in the sun-shaded dry place.

Customization Process:

Customers provide the required color template. We matches the color according to the template, makes the sample and then gives the customer the experiment. After the customer confirms, it produces according to the customer's order.

Technical Parameters

ColorRed, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black, etc.
Pigment Content10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50%...
Light and Weather ResistanceGrade 4-8
Chromatic Aberration≤0.8%
Melt Index(21.6kg/200℃)1-30g/10min
Melting Temperature140℃-330℃
Phase Fusibility
StandardISO9001, FDA, ROHS, SGS
Product ApplicationPalstic processing: Film Blowing, Blow Molding, Injection Molding, Extrusion Molding, Casting Film, Wire Drawing


1. PE/PP Injection Molding (Box, Containers, Chairs, Crates, Buckets, Battery, cases, Hangers, etc.)
2. PE/PP Extrusion Molding (Sheet, Pipe, Wire & Cable, etc.)
3. PE Blow Molding (Medical & Cosmetic container, Lubricant & Paint container, etc)
4. PE Film (shopping bags, casting film, multilayer film, etc.)
5. PE Fiber (Carpet, Textiles, Upholstery, etc.)

High Concentration PE / PP / PA / PET / PS / ABS / PVC/ PC / PU / EVA Color Masterbatch

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