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Platinum thermal resistor


Platinum thermal resistor

1. Product Description

The platinum thermal resistor has such good performances as stable value indication, accurate temperature measuring and good antiwvibration,It is widely used in spinning equipment

It can be easily installed.When used together with KLB intelligent temperature control meter it can directly show the actual working temperature of the motor coil and the bearing.

Platinum thermal resistor

Spinneret for textile spinning machine 

Under the constant temperature of 200℃ and after working 300 hours,the deviation is within 0.008Ω(0.02℃)when at 0℃
Self-heating test
Put the Pt100 sensor into the mixture of ice and water,and meanwhile let 1mAcurrent go through P100,the resistance value at this time
is incremetnal:when at 1mA,it is 0.02 Ω(about 0.05℃)

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