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What are the standards for the selection of color masterbatch?


Color masterbatch is a new coloring product of plastic and fiber. There are certain requirements for color masterbatch when producing color masterbatch.

The color masterbatch used in the production of color masterbatch requires that the mixing and matching ratio between the color masterbatch and the plastic raw materials and additives be appropriate, otherwise the produced color masterbatch may not meet the requirements.

(1) The color masterbatch, resin and additives must not have a chemical reaction when mixed and used. This purchase should attract enough attention when selecting the color masterbatch variety. The color masterbatch needs to have strong solvent resistance, and the color masterbatch needs to be less mobile. The color masterbatch produced in this way will not send a chemical reaction with plastic raw materials.

(2) The color masterbatch with good dispersion and coloring power should be selected for the purchase of color masterbatch. Generally speaking, the smaller the color masterbatch particles, the better the dispersion of the color masterbatch, and the stronger the coloring power. The dispersion of the color masterbatch produced is good.

(3) When we choose the color masterbatch, we must also consider what kind of plastic products are used to produce. For example, the production of children's toys requires that the color masterbatch should be non-toxic; if we are manufacturing outdoor plastic products, we choose weather resistance and resistance color masterbatch with good aging properties.