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Cooling masterbatch for multifilament yarn spinning machine


1. Product Description
Cooling masterbatch for multifilament yarn spinning machine
Cooling masterbatch is specially designed to reduce the high viscosity of PP and prevent the decomposition of other additives such as pigments at high processing temperature. The cooling masterbatch can reduce the molecular weight of PP, thus reducing the processing temperature of PP. Its main ingredient is peroxide. At present, the application scope of cooling masterbatch has been expanded, and it has become a common auxiliary in some PP modification enterprises, especially in the production of high flow PP.
The cooling masterbatch is mainly used for spinning polypropylene. Because of the high molecular weight of polypropylene, the spinning temperature is above 300℃. This makes it easy to decompose auxiliaries and pigments. Cooling masterbatch generally reduces spinning temperature at 10~50℃ and improves spinning process. The additives used for cooling masterbatch are actually peroxides, commonly used as initiator A, di-tert-butyl peroxide (DTBP), yellowish transparent liquid, boiling point 110℃, ignition point 182℃, decomposition temperature 193℃ (half-life 1 minute), 126℃ (half-life 10 hours).

2. Physical characteristics
1. Form: particle
2. PP cooling master batch color: white translucent
3. Melt index: <510g/10min
4. Density: 0.93g/cm
5. VEKA softening point: 152℃

3. Function
1. Adding 0.5-1% PP cooling masterbatch during the processing of PP can reduce the processing temperature of PP by 20-30 degrees Celsius and increase the melting index.
2. Plastic grade PP can produce high quality polypropylene, coarse, fine, long and short fiber.
3. The quality of PP blown film, woven bags, injection molding, PP pipes and other products can be greatly improved.
4. PP products can reduce power consumption and improve operation environment during processing.

4. Application

Cooling masterbatch for multifilament yarn spinning machine

It is mainly used for high filled polypropylene, PP injection products, PP wire drawing, PP woven bag yarn and so on. Increasing the melting index of resin, enlarging the colouring range of resin, reducing shrinkage, strengthening rigidity, reducing extrusion temperature, making the resin stable extrusion and stretching.

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