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Polypropylene spinning oil brief introduction

I. Overview of polypropylene spinning oil:

Polypropylene spinning oil has good smoothness, antistatic and adhesion.The spinning oil has good wettability, uniform oil application and stable spinnability.Polypropylene spinning oil is also suitable for 68D-2000D polypropylene filament, deformation filament (including false twist and steam, air jet deformation, hollow fiber) and special-shaped filament processing and weaving.

Polypropylene spinning oil brief introduction

Ii. Performance indexes of Polypropylene spinning oil:

1. Appearance: light yellow or colorless transparent liquid;

2. Effective substance: ≥90%;

3.PH value: 7 ~ 8 (1% aqueous solution);

4. Stability: 10% aqueous solution stored at 15 ~ 30 for one week without stratification.

Iii. Properties and functions of Polypropylene spinning oil:

Polypropylene spinning oil and its solution have good stability, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, no irritation to skin and mucous membrane, safe to use.

2. Polypropylene spinning oil has good smoothness and antistatic property, less broken ends of drafting threads, less wool threads and good luster of drafting threads;

3. Polypropylene spinning oil is suitable for holding, good forming of winding drum and good unwinding of draft wire;

4. Polypropylene spinning oil has good heat resistance and strong oxidation resistance, no smoke and coking during hot drafting, and no yellowing of processing fiber;

5. Improve fiber balance adjustment:

1) Increase the softness of fibers and improve the feel of products;

2) Improve the dustproof and wrinkle-proof function of the product to ensure that the fiber is white;

3) Improve the antioxidant property of the product;

4) Improve the tensile and tensile strength of the fiber;

6. Polypropylene spinning oil has no corrosion on metal. Due to the high strength of oil film, it has good lubrication on metal equipment;

Iii. Usage of polypropylene Oil agent:

Method 1: use crude oil without adding water

Method 2: put the measured soft water into the kettle, add the quantitative Polypropylene spinning oil slowly after stirring, and stir for 30 minutes after pouring.When the temperature is low in winter, Polypropylene spinning oil will become cloudy. It should be used at room temperature before it becomes transparent.(If there is no soft water, using tap water will not affect the performance of the product, but the oil agent will appear slightly turbidness.)

1. Oil distribution temperature: 0 ~ 40

2. Oil concentration: 10 ~ 20%;

3. Oil content of fiber: 1.0 ~ 2.0%.

Iv. Storage and packaging of POLYPROPYLENE oil:

1. Packaging: 200kg plastic drum;

2. Storage: 0 ~ 35 indoor storage.