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Spinning enterprises how to deal with frequency converter failures in summer

How to deal with frequency converter failures in summer

When summer comes, due to high temperature and hot problems in the factory, the failure rate of the frequency converter increases, and the service life decreases with the increase of temperature. When the ambient temperature increases by 10, the service life of the frequency converter will be halved.The stability of the machine operation directly affects the efficiency of the factory.

What are the reasons for the failure of inverter overheating, and the countermeasures to solve the corresponding problems:

1. The ambient temperature is too high

Reason: the inside of the frequency converter is composed of countless electronic devices, which will produce a lot of heat when it works, especially IGBT works at high frequency, and the heat will be more.If the ambient temperature is too high, it will also lead to too high temperature of the internal components of the converter. In order to protect the internal circuit of the converter, the converter will report high temperature fault and stop the machine.

Countermeasures: reduce the temperature of the place where the frequency converter is located, such as the mechanical and electrical cabinet can be equipped with air conditioning or fans and other forced refrigeration measures.

2. Inverter ventilation is poor

Reason: if the air duct of the frequency converter itself is blocked or the air duct of the control cabinet is blocked, the heat dissipation inside the frequency converter will be affected, leading to the frequency converter overheating alarm.

Countermeasures: Regularly overhaul the frequency converter, remove the garbage in the air duct, and smooth the air duct.

3, fan jam or damage

Reason: When the converter fan is broken, a large amount of heat accumulates in the inside of the converter and cannot be dispersed.

Action: Replace the fan.

4. Overload

Countermeasures: reduce the load or increase the capacity of the frequency converter.

How to deal with frequency converter failures in summer