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How to effectively remove the residual melt of spinning machine pump?

The spinning pump needs to be maintained and maintained regularly, so that all operation can not damage the precision of the parts, and can not scratch the surface, and cannot oxidize and reduce the hardness. For a spinning pump, the remaining melt must be removed and reused. There are some ways to remove the residual melt.Calcination  method

Calcination method is also called the fuse burning method, this method is to pump in a special electric furnace heated to 420-420 , the survivor decomposed carbide at high temperature.

remove the residual melt of spinning machine pump

The pump can be disassembled and can be calcined as a whole.It can shorten the time of calcination, especially for the stack pump.Due to the small coefficient of thermal conductivity, containing molybdenum HSS in calcination furnace heating speed is not higher than 100  / h, at the same time we will strictly control furnace temperature shall not exceed 450 , otherwise, the high temperature will decrease the hardness of the pump or cause deformation, the accuracy of damage to the pump.

The disadvantage of this method is that the heating is not uniform and the operating conditions are poor.

Vacuum calcination

how to cleaning spinning machine pump

Calcination in the vacuum system can reduce the processing temperature and accelerate the reaction.After treatment with the above method, it can be cleaned by ultrasonic.

Salt bath process

Remove the pump from the spinning machine and place it in a hanging basket.

There are two kinds of salt baths: one is sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate, which is 1:1.The other one is 53:7:40 potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite.Under the 300-400 , salt bath treatment 1 to 2 h, can will pump parts clean.This is an excellent method.

The point is that the temperature is easy to control evenly, the pump in the salt bath is separated from the air, making the surface not easy to oxidize.

However, the salt bath consumption of this method is large, and the effect is reduced after a long time, and it also has a certain corrosive effect.