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Attention in the operation of PP spinning machineThe key points of attention in the operation of PP spinning machine

Before starting the PP spinning machine, check whether there is any problem in each component.

1、The driving part shall operate smoothly without abnormal sound.

2Under normal working conditions, a screw extruder gearbox surface temperature rise shall not exceed 30 ℃.Metering pump gearbox temperature rise shall not exceed 20 ℃.

3Environmental temperature 28 ℃, lower than spinning box before and after the thermal insulation layer surface average temperature should not be greater than 65 ℃.

4、No leakage at the pipe connection.

5The wire channel and the contacting parts of the wire bundle should be smooth and free of wire hanging.

6The gas tightness test of the biphenyl pipeline shall be conducted according to the specified value of technical documents, and no leakage shall be allowed.

7The protective earthing of metal case is reliable, and the ground resistance is no more than 0.1 Q.