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Advantages of recycled bottle flake POY spinning machineTaian Jiamei machinery technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of various chemical fiber machinery. In order to meet the market demand, our factory has established a perfect chemical fiber spinning experimental base to provide customers with good equipment and technical services.

Taian Jiamei machinery technology Co., Ltd. main products are: polyester, polypropylene, chemical fiber complete sets of equipment, and undertake a variety of related equipment renovation projects.

Main features of polyester recycled bottle chip POY spinning machine

1. Polyester special screw extruder, AC frequency conversion speed regulation

2. Adopt new two-stage continuous switching filter and mixing uniform melt pipeline

3. Use spinning components with reasonable structure and convenient disassembly

4. Use the planetoid gear pump and lifting stretch quick disassembly drive rod

5. Adopt uniform and stable side blowing device

6. Spraying and oiling system of suitable spinning polyester

7. Adopt domestic manual or automatic switching winding machine

8. With color master injection, can produce polyester filament of various colors