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PP Polypropylene DTY draw texturing yarn machine


Product Description

The Polypropylene Draw Texturing Machine is the equipment for producing PP DTY yarn. It twists polypropylene fiber ( POY/FDY ) about 3000-4000 times/m by physical method. After heat treatment, it twists back again to produce fine crimp, thus producing DTY yarn with good fluffiness, high flexibility and elasticity.

PP Polypropylene DTY draw texturing yarn machine

Technical Parameter

1. Mechatronics

2. Number of ingots: 192 ingots (can be increased or decreased according to user's requirements)

3. Pitch: 1400 mm

4. Line speed: 180m/min

5. Cylinder Specification: 240mm in length (can be adjusted according to user's requirements)

6. Outward Size (Length *Width *Height): 12500mm *7000mm *2300mm

7. Motor power: 20KW

8. Total power of electric heater: 19 KW

Drawing Of Winding Control System

PP Polypropylene DTY draw texturing yarn machine

1. Single ingot drive scheme, no need for oil and lubrication, simple production and maintenance, convenient and flexible

2. Perfect control of yarn drum forming, which can theoretically achieve arbitrary shape of yarn drum

3. The mechanical groove barrel is omitted and the noise of the whole machine is greatly reduced.

4. Fully automatic joint, winding and drum drop operation control, which greatly reduces the production intensity of workers.

5. By adjusting the settings, loosening drum winding can be realized. The winding drum can be dyed directly without unwinding.

Machine Details

PP Polypropylene DTY draw texturing yarn machine

Our PP DTY Machine has advantages of fast speed, low power consumption, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance, no screw fixing on the ground when the machine is installed, full computer control, convenient operation of lathe blocker, greatly reducing the cost of use, good stability of false twisting of upsetting, shuttle box forming, beautiful shape of silk thread, smooth unwinding. It is especially suitable for processing Polypropylene upsetting. It is the most advanced elasticity machine for processing Polypropylene upsetting in China.

DTY Yarn Application

Polypropylene draw-texturing yarn is widely used in weaving cloth, Zongzi, ribbon, headdress, sweater, wrist guard, kick guard, gloves and other products which need special elasticity.

PP Polypropylene DTY draw texturing yarn machine

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